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Name: Cookie
Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 28th June 2003
Weight: 8kg
Character: Playful, friendly, obedient, gentle, loves going out, very curious (simply loves looking at things around him)
Fav Actions: Digging my bro's bed n bark
Fear: Thunder
Cute Facts abt him: Loves to slp on my pillow & will go into hiding whenever he needs to bathe.....

Name: Miki
Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 1st Sept 2004
Weight: 6.3kg
Character: Very playful, friendly to humans bt nt 2 dogs (she's scared of other dogs), greedy, lazy, possessive, quite a sassy ger at times, loves ple 2 sayang her
Fav Actions: Loves licking & sticking near ple, loves using her paws
Fear: Aniting that produce sound
Cute Facts abt her: She loves ple 2 hug her like a baby & she cries with tears......

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Puppy died in care of Vet Clinic!

Just came across this link.

Read & take note of it. Especially to those pet lovers out there. I know its saddening and there's actually alot of similar cases out there just that most of them preferred to keep quiet about it.

For this case, the owner choose not to mention the vet clinic but i feel that they should say out at least to let the readers take note, esp the pet lovers. So that everyone can boycott the clinic. Sue let them sue lar. We are not the guilty ones what for be afraid. Isn't sngapore supposed to be a lawful country?? The bad guys are supposed to be punished. Though right now, there's still plenty of unprofessional vets that we don't know. But i believe if every pet lover care to mention n publicise the good & bad tings about each pet salon or vet clinic or even pet hosp, such cases will be reduced.

Since u cant save urs, u shd try to help save the others, isn't it???

Aniway, here's a vet clinic i highly recommend cos it belongs to sumone i noe.

Amk Veterinary Surgery
31, Sembawang Road
Singapore 779082

Tel: 6451 5242
Fax: 6451 4001
Emergency: 9210 1961

Look for Dr Bryan Kong

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Horny Cookie

ARGH~~~ I need peace. My boi is driving everyone mad with his non stop barking since saturday. That's cos he keeps wanting to be a father but miki doesn't want to. She will keep lying dwn or ignoring cookie & here's when cookie starts barking.

Female dogs do hav period & miki just had her's. So normally after the period, the male dogs will kind of go crazy & keep wanting to have *** with the female dogs. Its nt cookie's fault also. Its dog nature cant prevent it. And for their case, it can last for like 1, 2 wks!! Imagine u got to hear cookie's barking for like 14 days thruout the whole of each day. Its fustrating!! And worst is nth can stop him frm barking!!!

He doesn't respond to punishment (that's shih tzu character) & now he doesn't even respond to his fav treats, even his fav mango he also doesn't want. Unless u carry him & let him calm dwn awhile then he will stop barking for some time. But we cant possibly do that everytime he barks. Cos he barks too frequently.

Usually he is quite obedient & doesn't bark so often but now his frequent barkings woke everyone up frm their slp. Even in the middle of the nite, he also bark non stop. We cant even slp well. Then tis morn, he woke everyone up again. Headache sia~ I got woken up at 9am!! That's so early lar. Never even have a good slp in the nite & now i gt woken up at 9am. But i went back slp again aft my breakfast at 10am. Too tired. Managed to calm him dwn b4 i slp & had 4 hrs of undisturbed slp. Finally~

And i'm always the one making him quiet down, mainly cos the rest cant be bothered to be patient with him. If i'm nt at home then cham, wonder how are they going to calm him down & with my dad's temper, later he keep beating cookie. And tis wed i'm going back to GIC to meet my partner & mentor for lunch. How can i leave him at hm with no worries?? Haiz~

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Cookie Miki Meet Lasi

To our surprise, My ahyi brought Lasi here this noon. Was actually intending to go out today but luckily ended up cancelled it. Else mum will be so bz taking care of 3 dogs.

Cookie Miki Meet Lasi. They seemed to be discussing sth. Ha.

Wasted my boi was not lookin this way. And my mum's stupid slippers. ArGh~

Actually my 2 darlings still alright. Lasi is the headache 1. He barked when my ahyi went out with mum n his bark is SOSOSO loud lar. Like a bark of a stray dog. Ha. So small size yet bark till so loud.

When my ahyi was out.... This was what happened...

Step One...

Step Two...

And Step Three... BARKING!!!

He can bark for so long & he even bark when u don't give him ur attention. I'm using the com & Lasi was doing this. Still nd ple to sayang him then he will shut up. Attention seeker~ Ha.

And they had bones again. Bones are dogs fav mah.

See how cookie eat. Yummy Yummy!! So cute~

He seemed to be saying,"Oei, haven't u taken enough pics of mi??" Ha.

All gt their own style of eating. So cute~~

My ahyi did sth funni. See here's what she did TO HER OWN DOG!! And for goodness sake, Lasi is a MALE!! Ha.

And i was saying to my mum & ahyi,"Viewers won't see the dog as mad but will think that the owner of the dog is mad. Ha."

After a long day of fun, my boi boi & ger ger are so tired now. Both of them are sleeping so soundly. Guess Lasi should be sleeping like a pig now. Ha. They are just like kids. Play the whole day & will sleep immediately after going home.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Can your dog says I LOVE YOU???

Can your dog says I LOVE YOU??? Watch this.

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Online Video on Dog Training

Quite a useful video i found online.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Miki playing with thread

Cute video of Miki. Look at what she is playing with.

Doesn't she look like a cat?? Ha. So playful. My mum is cutting the thread for some work purpose & she is below playing with it. Funny part is, she kind of like don't want the thread roll to keep moving so she will lie down and use her body to press on the thread. She likes it when it doesn't move. Ha. So, poor mum had a hard time cutting the thread.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

IMPORTANT: Read this!

Lost your pet? It could be DEAD IN 24 HOURS

18 June 2007
EVERY day, up to 30 people in Singapore choose to ditch their pets after growing tired of them.

But if they think they can ease their consciences by dropping their pets off at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), they'd better know this: From now on, the SPCA will put down some abandoned pets within 24 hours of receiving the animal.

This is because of the overwhelming numbers of unwanted animals left at the non-profit organisation's doorstep daily.

Last year, about 9,300 animals were received by the SPCA.

Of these, only about 1,300 animals, or barely one in 10, were either adopted by new owners or claimed by owners who lost them.

The remaining 8,000 animals had to be put to sleep - that's an average of 22animals aday.

The SPCA says that some owners go to the society because they think it will help them take care of their unwanted pets.

Instead, they are shown a notice informing them that the surrendered animal could be put to sleep within 24 hours of it being turned in.

This has not gone down well with some people.

Ms Deirdre Moss, 55, the executive officer of the SPCA, said: 'We have been receiving public feedback through the phone and e-mail, questioning our policy of putting animals to sleep.'

The criticism has not dampened the society's efforts to be open about the policy.

It recently ran advertisements in the media publicising it.

Ms Moss said: 'We decided to be more vocal about our policy as it is important that the public understands the consequences of irresponsible pet ownership, and what happens to their abandoned pets.'

The reason given by Ms Moss for the society's strict adherence: It does not want to be cruel to the animals by subjecting them to overcrowding and exposing them to the possibilities of disease and fights.

Mr Teh Kim Yeu, 29, an operations executive, is one of those who object to this policy.

He said: 'It's awful to put an animal to sleep when it is not sick or dying. Animals are living things. They should be given a chance to live.'

Mr Teh's remark is one that Ms Moss has heard many times.

'People often say animals are living things. No one knows it more than us and we see living things being discarded every day,' she said.

She said the society's position is clear: 'We don't want to put animals to sleep.

'But the buck stops at the SPCA and we are forced to play God due to the sheer physical numbers of animals being surrendered or turned in.

'Half the people who come to our counter may be surprised to learn the animals they are surrendering could be put down.

'In spite of that, most of them still choose to leave the animals with us,' Ms Moss said.

'We may be unpopular for this, but the other alternative is to not accept animals.'

A no-kill policy has its share of problems. It is 'an unrealistic ideal', Ms Moss said.

'How do we keep 10,000 animals? In two years, it would be 18,000 animals.'

A no-kill policy would also mean a selective intake, which in turn could have a detrimental impact on donor support.

Ms Moss said: 'The public look to us to be an immediate shelter for animals.

'If we suddenly turn away animals from our door in order to have a no-kill policy, we would lose donor support.'

SPCA does not receive any government funding.

A common suggestion from observers, such as 33-year-old civil servantMalliga Manu, is this: 'SPCA should look for bigger premises, and make effective use of the space.'

She suggests the Government look into funding the SPCA to this end.

In response, Ms Moss said space is not the answer because if the animals remain unadopted, the number will keep growing.

'Bigger premises does not mean endless space,' Ms Moss pointed out.

Although there are plans to relocate to bigger premises in the next few years, MsMoss said that this could become an excuse for people to turn in even more pets, thinking that the society has more space to house them.

What, then, is the solution?

'The only way to reduce the numbers of animals being put down is to reduce the numbers of animals surrendered to us,' MsMoss said.

The SPCA wants to send home the message that people should give away unwanted animals only as a last resort.

Ms Moss said: 'The bottomline is, please find a solution before bringing them to us.

'The reality that we put animals to sleep may upset some, but can you imagine what it does to us, and the vets who are involved in the process?'

Its really heartbreaking for me to hear about this news. Been asking myself, "What can i do to help those poor fury friends?" I really felt so shameful to be a human in this world. I can do nothing but watch as the little ones died helplessly.........

They are not sick or old, y should they be put to death? Just bcos nobody wants them. Just bcos of those irresponsible bastards. Just bcos they can't speak, they are not a human, doesn't mean they don't have the right to be given a chance to live.

This is not the world i want to see.

Just imagine putting urself in those poor animals' shoes & waiting to die 1 by 1. Its definitely not a thing to be happy about. Even if they r sick or old, doesn't mean they should be put to death. Its just like human case. If u r old or sick, means u should be put to death?? No right?

I understand the plight of SPCA. Its their last resort. Else they won't implement such policy as putting a living thing to slp is definitely not a good thing. I believe if u have a little bit of conscience, u won't be willing to carry out such action.

But from a pet lover view, its really devastating to hear of the helpless animals being put to death. But what to do??? When there's more bastards than kind souls??

Just like what the article mentioned. What to do when there's continuous increase of abandoned pets at their door step but there isn't enough money for all.

If only there's more generous rich donors who's willing to save those poor animals. Or more pet lovers to adopt them.

The only one to blame is the abandoned pet's owner. Such irresponsible act of theirs caused the innocent lives to be taken away.

Where's their conscience??

Won't they have nitemares when they slp??

Won't they even miss their pets a little???


N pls don't buy a pet impulsively!! Its a long term commitment.

THINK!!! Think of the consequences. Don't buy if u can't guarantee to commit.

N also, don't buy from breeders or other improper channels. Buy from a pet shop if u really need to.

Be compassionate. Spare a tot for them. Give them a chance to live.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Cookie Miki After Grooming

Haiz~ my boy boy is sick today. Don't know what's wrong with him. Keep vomitting the whole of today. But it happened before so we're not that worried. Usually he will be ok after few hours or the next day. See him sick, i also feel sick all of a sudden. So heartpain to see him lidat. Having to force him to eat med that he doesn't want is not what i wanted to. Cause all along, i'm always pampering him. He don't want i also won't force him. Usually will just give him what he wants to eat, or where he wants to go.

But luckily, he's feeling better now. At least he is playing with miki at the moment. But he hasn't taken his dinner. Probably, later on then try feed him again. Hopefully he will feel better & eat. Else he gonna vomit again. He vomits if he's hungry too. Dog sick very poor thing. Human sick at least we can speak, we know which part of our body is not feeling well but dogs can't speak.

Cookie sick, then miki also not feeling well. But is not sick. Its just that her eyes got irritated & become like sore eyes.

Don't know isit bcos of the grooming they had on sat. Cause miki is very sensitive, her skin, her eyes. Aniwae, she's ok now also. Here's some pics of them before & after grooming.

Miki before grooming.

Cookie before grooming. At the grooming salon. Look carefully & u can see Miki.

Miki after grooming. Still so fat.

Isn't she pretty? The pet shop gurl even tied tis ribbon for her. Its hand-made some more. She's so happy & playful when she returned. Keep playing with the bear.

Don't know what makes her looks like this. Ha. *Cutie cutie*

Cookie after grooming. He looks thinner now and so tired lidat.

And so sad too, mainly cos he knew somebody is not at home yet. Cause mum went to my ah yi house. Thats how he looks like when we are out. Or 1 of us is out. *Sad sad*

And this is how they look when they heard the phrase "Somebody is outside". Ha.

When it comes to food. See how greedy Miki is. Ha.

She barks when i don't give her.

Some pics of them tog.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Cool stuffs for your dogs

Found some nice pet carriers. Mainly for dogs & maybe cats too.

See, can even put in the car. And he won't disturb you while you drive.

This is how it looks from inside.

This pink version is so sweet~ Saw the actual one from a nearby pet shop. Not bad. Feel like getting one for my princess. But, its nt cheap (its over 100bucks) & another thing is that its max weight is 8kg for L size. My Cookie cant fit in!! What a waste~ Else, i can have 2. I carry Miki, my dear can carry Cookie. That would be so nice~

A nice bed for your princess. *LOVE THIS!!!!* So sweet~

Couple bed?? ha. How I wish i can get 1 for Cookie & 1 for Miki~

*Sweetie sweetie*

Doesn't this looks just like our bed???

A royal chair for ur dog??


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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Recollections - Cookie

Was browsing through those pics of cookie & found sum of these cute photos. All these photos make mi realised tat time reali flies. Unknowingly, Cookie has been wif us 4 3 yrs. From the start of my poly yr1 till nw, the end of poly. So fast its been 3 yrs.

How i wish time could stop~~~ so tat cookie wun grow old. Its a sad thing to see your dog aged over the years. If only there's eternity~~

Aniwae, here's the photos that I've sorted out & behind each photo, there's a story......

1. On the 2nd day aft he bcame our new member, he went up my bro's bed n took 1 of his soft toy 2 play n tats a pink piggy toy.

2. Slowly, he started biting other toys dwn frm bro's bed as his bed used 2 hav alot of soft toys like pokemon toys etc.

Tis toy is given by my dear's sis... he loves tis too... maybe cos there's sound inside

Bt sumhw, he seems 2 love tis blue bear alot.

3. Unfortunately, his blue bear gt split into 2...

N the funni part is, when mum was in her rm takin the needle & thread out 2 sew the bear, tis cute cookie went 2 bite the bear's head away b4 mum could actually start sewing. *so cute!!!!*

4. Sumtimes, his mouth gets itchy n starts biting tings he shdnt bite...

5. At times, he will also end up in places he shdn't be....

6. And this is hw he drinks milk.... *cutie cutie*

7. His "Mickey Mouse" specs... ha

8. A pink ball for a boy.. ha... seems weird huh bt nvm, i like pink... hmm... bt tis ball seems abit too big 4 his mouth... ha

9. He loves to slp on my bed, my pillow, my bolster n even wif my bear.. ha

10. Different pics of him eatin bone...

See hw serious he is when he looks at his bone...*cute* perhaps he is tokin to his bone. ha

11. This is what happened when we bought his snacks home.... Opps, caught u..

Isn't he cute?? K, will post another version just for Miki some other day. =)

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