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Name: Cookie
Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 28th June 2003
Weight: 8kg
Character: Playful, friendly, obedient, gentle, loves going out, very curious (simply loves looking at things around him)
Fav Actions: Digging my bro's bed n bark
Fear: Thunder
Cute Facts abt him: Loves to slp on my pillow & will go into hiding whenever he needs to bathe.....

Name: Miki
Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 1st Sept 2004
Weight: 6.3kg
Character: Very playful, friendly to humans bt nt 2 dogs (she's scared of other dogs), greedy, lazy, possessive, quite a sassy ger at times, loves ple 2 sayang her
Fav Actions: Loves licking & sticking near ple, loves using her paws
Fear: Aniting that produce sound
Cute Facts abt her: She loves ple 2 hug her like a baby & she cries with tears......

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Cookie Miki Birthday Present

Its my Miki 3 yrs old birthday this sat, which is tml. Went out on tue to get my dip cert n shun bian went shopping. Tot of buying presents for cookie n miki since its miki birthday tml. Though its belated present for cookie bt nvm lar. He wun mind. Ha. Saw these 2 cute tortoises in mini toons so decided to buy for them. Hee.

Cute?? The pink 1 is for miki n the green 1 is for cookie cos there's no male version for the pink 1.

Cute cookie wif his new toy. The way he bite the toy so cute. But i realised sth. He still prefer his blue bear. Haiz~ Ha. Bt tis goes to show he is devoted. He wun like new 1 n dump old 1. Nt like Miki. Ha.

Miki wif her pink tortoise.

Ordered a cake for miki. Her 1st birthday cake. She can celebrate tog wif cookie. Ha. Getting the cake tml. Hee. I'm so excited. As if its my bd. Ha. Hope they will b excited too. Gt cake to eat. Will tak more pics tml. Hee.

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3:41 PM

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

An Unplanned Excursion

Had an unplanned excursion ytd. Ha. Brought Cookie & Miki to a pet shop located at yishun bus interchange there.

Actually we jus wanted to bring them dwnstairs for a stroll and brought Miki to the pet shop here for the lady boss to sayang her. Cos if u dun bring Miki in n let her sayang, Miki will cry. Ha. Tats hw cute she is. The lady boss was grooming for a dog halfway then she came out jus to sayang Miki. Ha. Cos she knew Miki wanted to find her. Luckily the lady boss is gd else i tink Miki will sit at the door n cry. Ha.

Ytd the weather happened to be cooling so dear suggested, "Y not we bring them to the pet shop near the interchange?" Ha. I gt a shocked. I tot he was kidding mi cos we gt to walk them there n bring them bac again. N plus we nv bring along ani water for Cookie Miki. But since the weather was windy so i said ok. I've always wanted to bring them there cos there's tis female shih tzu called Bobo. She looks similar to Miki bt my Miki is prettier. Hee.

We started our excursion at ard 3pm n aft walking for sumtime, we gt to sit dwn n rest. Cos I'm afraid they would b tired so mus let them rest aft sum walking. My nxt worry was thirst. Aft walking for so long, they would surely b thirsty so we went to tis ma-ma shop nearby n bought a bottle of mineral water. But there's no bowl for them, hw r they supposed to drink?? So dear bought a pkt of HL milk. After drinking, he rinsed the pkt wif the mineral water n tore the pkt to make a small square container for them to drink. But hu noes, the 2 of them duno hw 2 drink!!! Ha. Its either the container looked alien to them or maeb the water was too cold or it reali taste bad. Cos i noe mineral water gt a weird taste n they r used to drinking boiled water. So we jus dapped abit of water on their tongue n carried on our journey.

The journey suddenly seemed so long to mi ytd. Usually i jus took ard 15min or less to walk there. But duno y, tog wif cookie miki, it seemed so far away. Dear was saying, its like bringin 2 kids out. At times they wan to drink water, nxt they wan to pee then they wan to shit. Its so troublesome sia. But dogs r mine. So i've gt the responsibility to tak gd care of them. Jus like their mummy. Ha. Finally we reached the pet shop n those ple there were praising Cookie Miki. Ha. 2 fat dogs of cos ple wil notice. Ha. The boss there said tat Cookie is veri fit, veri muscular. Ha. Tats for sure. Those 2 dogs there were so hyper. The other dog, not the Bobo, kept wanting to play with Cookie. Ha. Cookie is so friendly but then tis Miki suddenly bcame so unfriendly. Maeb she is jealous cos tat's a female dog. Ha.

Bought sum snacks then proceed back home. While walking bac, Miki shit infront of tis hair salon. Ha. No warning at all. Normally she will walk circle n cirle b4 shitting bt tis time round she jus walked n shit infront of the shop. Dear said we shd c wats the shop's door no. Its said tat when a dog shit infront of a shop, if u tak the door no. to buy 4D will win money. Bt, i dun believe lar. Ha. We tot she wun shit le cos b4 tat she had already done so. Then those ple inside the shop kept lookin at us. They mus b tinkin we wun clean up. Bt we did lor. Mus b a gd owner. Ha. Luckily dear gt tissue paper wif him. After using up all the tissue, i realised there's shit on miki butt, no wonder she didnt wan to move. Troublesome ger. So dear hugged her hm.

The sky started to change n the weather began to turn hot. As we walked, it started to drizzle. Was worried the big rain will come b4 we gt home. And indeed, when we were reachin home, it rained. We were jus 1 small road away from hm. Wat a waste. Was tinkin of asking mum to bring umbrellas dwn bt hu noes the rain suddenly stopped. Ha. Its like 5 sec of rain then it stopped. Seems like heaven was helping us. Ha. So my dear quickly carried them n crossed the road. Ha. 1 on the left 1 on the right. LOL. SO MAN!!! If is mi, i cant. 1 alone is heavy enuf nt to sae carry both of them. Total wt ard 15kg leh. So heavy. Aniwae, the rain continued when we reached hm. Ha. We r so lucky. Bac home, cookie immed lied dwn outside the door. Ha. Can see he was very very tired. Poor cookie.

B4 tat mum didnt noe we were goin 2 bring them to such a far place. Ha. When we told her, she said we mad. Ha. I aso tink its abit mad at 1st bt alrite lar. They had fun jiu hao. Ha. After 2 hrs of walk, i'm tired too. So tats hw i spent my sat wif my 2 darlings. Hee.

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6:00 PM

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cookie's favourite.....

Cookie loves to do this. Almost everyday, he will be doing tis. And sumhw Miki doesnt like Cookie to do that. Everytime Cookie jumps up the bed n start scratchin, Miki will jump up the bed n tried to stop him. Usually she will bark at Cookie n then climb onto him bt in tis video, Miki is biting her biscuits so of cos she cant bark. Ha. At certain part of the video, i duno wat is Miki doing aso. So dun ask mi y is she lidat. Ha. She is alwas doin weird stuffs bt cute. Ha.

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7:13 PM

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Snack Performance

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11:22 PM

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dog Licensing

Its been a week since we are informed of the changes to the dog licensing rules with effect frm 1st September 2007. Many ple hav sent emails to HDB & AVA regarding the qn on "What if i hav more than 1 dog & i'm staying in HDB premise?" According to HDB law, there can only be 1 dog in an apt. Well, i hav 2 dogs n i'm staying in HDB premise so of cos it concerned mi too.

But till now, there's no reply frm HDB n Sep is just round the corner. I made several calls to AVA ytd but i jus cant get thru. The line was so bz, even for 2dae. Its getting mi fustrated. If tats the case, how am i supposed 2 get license for my dogs??? Don't get license, then u wan fine us. BUT now the case is nt i dun wan 2 get license for them, is how am i supposed 2 get a license when i hav 2 dogs in HDB premise?? And i tried calling 2 ask but to no avail. So wat am i supposed to do then???

Its realli making mi annoyed by the fact tat HDB is nt replying or doing aniting. Its so irresponsible of them. I duno if they r purposely ignoring the mails n keeping quiet or wat other stupid reasons they have. Even if u all nd time to discuss abt tis issue, at least reply sth like "We r currently discussing this matter with blah blah blah" n not jus keep quiet.

Also duno y they cum out wif such stupid rule - 1 dog in a HDB premise. Might as well put - 1 human in a HDB premise. The person hu set tis stupid rule shd try living alone in HDB. No companion, no frens, no family members allowed 2 b in contact. C hw he live. Its so lonely lor, having 2 live alone. Same ting applies to dog. All along I nv regard them as dogs, i treat them jus like my kids. Kids nd playmate, nd companion too. So wats wrong wif having more than 1 dog in a HDB if we can afford it??

Plus both my dogs r abandoned by their owners. I'm jus being kind by keeping them. Is tat wrong?? Y mus kindness be restricted???

If by tis wk there's no reply frm ani side, guess i shall gif up taking license for them. Now is nt i dun wan tak, is tat its so troublesome for mi 2 tak. Wan clarify doubts aso nobody ans. Its not my fault now. Plus my 2 dogs also nv make a din at home.

If reali wan compare human being n dogs, i can say tat the kids or even the adults here make more noise than my 2 dogs. I refer to those staying nearby mi. Its true tat they r making more noise than my 2 darlings. If its the lvl of noise tat HDB is concern regarding the no. of dogs we can own, then shdnt HDB limit the no. of kids in HDB premise to just 1 also??? To be fair wat....

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11:41 PM

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pics Again....

Here's some more pics of Cookie Miki. Enjoy~

Look at his tongue. *Cute*

The pretty ger. Does she look like those chinese dance dancers?? Ha

Enjoying tv programmes. Ha.

When comes to food,

Look at her cute tongue.

Cookie slpin so soundly. *TATS SO SWEET!!*

Jus woke up. Ha, they love 2 mess up my bed, esp my blanket.

Cute cookie

When sum1 is out, tats hw she looks like at home.

Best pic of Miki. See how she sit from the 3rd pic. *SOOOO CUTE!!!*

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Random Pics of Cookie Miki

Enjoying their papaya. Yummy yummy

His fav toy - the blue bear.

But Miki alwas wan snatch watever Cookie is playing.

Unless u gif her a new toy. Ha.

As usual, the blur cookie.

Thats how he looks when i'm using the com. He will be under my table.

Like i said, he loves my pillow. Ha. I duno y. Perhaps he saw the way we slp, n he is trying to learn from us. Ha.

The pretty Miki.

Look at her tears..... Poor ger... Know y she cried?? Cos we kept asking her 2 get up n leave bt she dun wan cos every morn there's this Ah Peh sitting there n he likes Miki also so she will go there let him sayang but then at tat time is noon, the Ah Peh nt there but she just wan 2 wait. Ha. Silly Miki

She can lick her nose &

blink her eye... Ha...

Mum's new laundry basket... Miki in the "well" Ha.

She's forever lookin so cute, no matter where she is.

Look, she actually fell aslp. Ha.

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4:46 PM

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