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Name: Cookie
Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 28th June 2003
Weight: 8kg
Character: Playful, friendly, obedient, gentle, loves going out, very curious (simply loves looking at things around him)
Fav Actions: Digging my bro's bed n bark
Fear: Thunder
Cute Facts abt him: Loves to slp on my pillow & will go into hiding whenever he needs to bathe.....

Name: Miki
Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 1st Sept 2004
Weight: 6.3kg
Character: Very playful, friendly to humans bt nt 2 dogs (she's scared of other dogs), greedy, lazy, possessive, quite a sassy ger at times, loves ple 2 sayang her
Fav Actions: Loves licking & sticking near ple, loves using her paws
Fear: Aniting that produce sound
Cute Facts abt her: She loves ple 2 hug her like a baby & she cries with tears......

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Friday, January 18, 2008


Went PetFuze aft work again.

Mainly to get the 3 pkts of Dogswell food for them. Since they like it. Bt its nt cheap. $15.80 per pkt. And there's alot of variety till i'm so blur which is which. Luckily i've gt the image in my fone. Ha. Tats the adv of having camera fone nw. Can always recall frm pics.

Bt too bad their cny clothes r nt there yet, else can tak a look n feel at it. They said, nxt wk. So maeb nxt wk then go again??? Ha. Bt my 2 darlings r so furry. Will get stroke when wearing the outfits i tink.

Plus i tink they looked gd being naked nw. LOL. I mean wif no clothes, jus their natural coat. Its already nice enuf. Sumore, its nt like i'm bringin them out on cny. Nt easy bringing dogs out in Singapore. If only i'm in those western countries. Can tak them out on public transport, shopping mall, cafe, restaurant etc. So fun.

Sumore i've gt 2. Its gona b a headache cos nt every1 can accept dogs at their hse too. So kind of bo bian aso. Gotta let them stay hm.

**I dun wish to** Haiz~

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11:02 PM

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nice bed for a gd slp

My purchase on fri after work.

Bought these frm PetFuze at suntec city. A lovely purple bed for my princess (last set) and a set of blanket - pink for miki, blue for cookie. Nice rite?? Bt wasted dog version is sold out, left the cat version bt it reali looks n feels nice so i went ahead n bought it.

A bed for miki n of cos mus hav a bed for cookie too. Here's his. Its the largest size n can actually allows both of them 2 slp tog bt its gona b abit cramp tats y i bought the purple 1. At least they can choose whr they want to slp. Bt of cos tis suits cookie more. Cos its bigger, will be more comfortable for him. There's a free dog toy too.

W/o zipping.


Hmm... looks like they each prefer the other choice. Ha. Bt nvm. As long as they like.

It must be very comfortable. OooooHH.... So Sweetttt~~

2 beds, 2 blankets - Total $209.80. Ha. I didnt check the price till i pay for it. Bt alrite lar. Tink its reasonable. I dun pamper them, hu will pamper them?? As long as they r happy.

Free samples given. Was told tat its very gd for the health n coat. Bt of cos, if u r a seller, surely u will sae ur products r very gd etc. Bt i believe they wun lie to mi. Instinct tells mi so. Cos they r reali nice. Can see they reali love dogs. Aniwae, i double checked wif my dogs groomers and the couple said its real gd. Nw i felt more assured giving them these. Will go buy the products if cookie miki like it bt they said its ex. Bt at least its gd for their health. Betta than giving them sth which is unhealthy rite?

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9:00 PM

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dun drool.... its nt for u.....

Its time to pamper them with their favourites.

This looks delicious n it smells nice too. Dun drool......
Just like normal strawberry waffers bt wonder if it tastes the same as ours....
Bt they love it. Esp Miki.

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6:27 PM

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Water Bowl

Guess how much this costs?

Cant guess it??? Let mi tell u......

Its $37.50!!! Ya, its reali $37.50.

Bought it 2day at centrpt pet lover store during my lunch break. I told mum to guess hw much isit. She guessed 10 bucks. When i told her the exact value, she said i'm mad. Well, maeb i am??

Bt ok lar... It looks nice 2 mi. Pink color somemore. The main function is tat, it serve as a better way of drinking water. Its said tat the dog's ears n mouth will b kept clean. Bt....

Jus nw i asked cookie 2 demo for mi, no leh. His ears r still wet aft drinking!! And this cookie aso very cute. I told him 2 come n drink water. He came forward, tak a sniff at the new bowl n then he started drinking. And he drank quite alot. Like the water is so different lidat. So cute!!! Bt tis miki jus stared at mi wif her blur face. Ha.

Bt ok lar... I like jiu hao. Sumore, mum broke Miki's meal bowl. The bowl was so nice bt she broke it. It fell frm my kitchen window straight dwn 2 lvl 1 ground floor. Bcame BITS N PIECES!! So now the old water bowl can temporarily be used for her meal till i get 2 go CP pet store 2 get it. Hopefully there's still stock.

And here's a pic of cookie wif some of his snacks. Taken few mins ago. I find it SOOOOOOOO CUTEEEE Lar!!!!

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10:48 PM

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